About us

FNG Precision Coatings


FNG Precision Coatings is much more than another metal finishing company. We are a group of likeminded veterans, dedicated to bringing our clients the pinnacle of quality and service, from start to finish. FNG is proud to take the standards and practices that we have learned through our military service and apply the same attention to detail to each job that comes through our shop. Since opening our doors in 2015, we have made it both our duty and privilege to outperform expectations and drive the industry standard forward, utilizing quality team members and top-rated products. Whether your order is a custom one off project, or a large manufacturing batch order, FNG has the tools to move you forward.

Custom Cerakote

FNG Precision Coatings proudly utilizes the Cerakote line of products to ensure, not only the best corrosion resistance and field proven durability available in a ceramic coating, but also a consistent aesthetic finish that will set you apart from the crowd. Whether your passion takes you into the outdoors, the firing range, the racetrack, or in the line of duty. From mild to wild, FNG has your back.

Customer Service

Let’s face it. We could all use a helping hand from time to time. Do you need some assistance brainstorming a one-off job? Are you wondering if ceramic or powder coating is right for your needs? Perhaps you just need a quote on price and lead time. The team at FNG Precision Coatings pride ourselves on communication that is second to none. We are always happy to take your calls, emails, and messages through social media. If you’re local, we can even discuss your ideas over a cup of coffee! Whichever route you choose, rest easy knowing that your concerns come first and we always aim to please.

Additional Services

Powder coat: FNG Precision Coatings is not only the “go to” shop in Southern California for all your ceramic coating needs. We are also fully equipped to take on your powder coating orders as well! Wheels. Bicycle frames. Automotive accessories. Camping gear. You name it and we’ve got it covered!

Media blasting: FNG doesn’t just specialize in applying coatings. We remove them too! Are you being held up by rust and oxidation? Perhaps you would like to get started on that motorcycle project in the garage. We can get you on your way by blasting away old paint and contaminants leaving you with a fresh foundation to build upon. Our industrial sized cabinets can handle the toughest jobs, with quick turn-around times and unparalleled attention to detail.

Meet Our Awesome Team

The Driving Force Behind FNG

The Boss

Sawyer Phelps, a 6 year Navy veteran, is the owner and mastermind behind FNG Precision Coatings. Specializing in metal finishing and general fabrication, you can typically find him working on equipment, or adding his technical expertise to each project that comes through the shop. He was born and raised in rural Michigan, but now makes his home in Camarillo, California where he  spends his time working to improve job opportunities for disabled vets, along with raising awareness to the dedication and performance to which a veteran workforce is capable.

Lead Applicator

Andrew DelMarto graduated from Cal State University Channel Islands in 2010 with a BS in chemistry. After some time working in an analytical lab, he felt called to the United States Marine Corps, where he spent 4 years working as an 0352 Anti-tank missileman with 2/4 WPNS Co. Upon his release from active duty in 2015, Andy joined the crew at FNG and has been the driving force behind the ceramic coating application that put FNG on the map.